Brêtema de Dom Quixote / Mist of Don Quixote

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for solo piano [15'35"] (2005)

Composer: Rudesindo Soutelo
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Piano Solo

Program Notes

Work dedicated to the pianist Diego Fernández Magdaleno

Cervantes knew how to subvert, in Don Quixote, the harsh and arid Castilian thought by introducing into the intellectual discourse the ‘reason of the no-reason, that to my reason is given, so much so that my reason is diminished, that with greater reason I complain’ (I,i). The Navarran philosopher Juan David García Bacca (1901-1992) in the literary-philosophical exercises ‘On Quixote’ and ‘Don Quixote of the Mancha’ encourages a new approach to the reading of Quixote and explains this type of “reason of the no-reason” with the word “reasonance” (Don Quixote’s reasoning) used as categorical.
A new categorical approach to the word “rocinance” (the reasoning of the Rocinante, Don Quixote’s horse) would be needed to explain the mental scheme of bipedal asses that intellectually stifle society.
Mist of Don Quixote reflects on the ontic reading proposed by García Bacca, and is organised through the complexes {7,2,3,7} {5,6} and {9,7}.
Carlos Villar-Taboada, on Mist of Don Quixote, says: “The analogy presupposes a game, a reinterpretation of meanings, which the composer places before the listener to invite him to participate in it, thus requiring an active listening, capable not only of listening but also of getting involved from the composer’s perspective in order to be able to appreciate the correspondences he proposes, which are not immediate and which will be revealed successively if the discursive mode of the Knight of the Sad Figure is accepted as the rule, taking Don Quixote as the key that gives access to meanings beyond what is evident”.*

* Villar-Taboada, C.: Lo literario, lo lúdico y lo crítico: estrategias compositivas e implicaciones semióticas en Brête-
ma de dom Quixote (2005), de Soutelo in B. Lolo (2010): Visiones del Quijote en la música del siglo XX. Madrid,
Centro de Estudios Cervantinos. pp. 321-334. (ISBN: 978-84-96408-79-1).

ISWC: T-045.522.029-7
ISMN: 979-0-9007529-6-3

Rudesindo Soutelo

New editions revised and corrected by the composer, including works published for the first time.

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