A Tale of Separation


for string orchestra (2015)





7 min.


string orchestra

Program Notes

A Tale of Separation, at surface level, is a piece that manipulates a compositional idea of unison and division in terms of pitch. For example, the Violin I, II, and Viola section may be playing a single pitch, only to then momentarily split off (and perhaps return to that previously unified pitch shortly thereafter). It’s a simple concept, but one to which I wanted to dedicate an entire piece.

One of the greatest challenges I have ever faced in life is both beautiful and heartwrenching at the same time. I was engaged to my wife for almost a year upon completing the composition process of this piece. However, she lived nearly 850 miles away. Our relationship began from a distance with occasional weeks or months of physical togetherness through travel. That being said, I wanted to reflect both the beauty and the pain of our engagement. Being in love is a wonderful part of life; yet, being separated for weeks and months on end becomes emotionally tasking.

A Tale of Separation, at its core, is a piece of music that reflects the bittersweet love Maria and I went through upon each time we saw each other in person during those difficult months. Ultimately, we ended in togetherness through marriage.

Tony Manfredonia

Tony is a composer and orchestrator living in Petoskey, MI, providing a multi-layered and sensory experience through expressive, colorful orchestration and warm melodies. He adds new perspectives to stories, environments, and everything in between through massive orchestral productions, as well as intimate atmospheres.

With performances and readings from chamber ensembles and orchestras, such as Apollo Chamber Players and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Tony's music has been played across the nation and has recently become published with MusicSpoke. Most recently, the Straits Area Band commissioned him to compose a work for the Mackinac Arts Council, celebrating Henry David Thoreau's bicentennial. Additionally, growing up alongside video games, he lives the life of a video game composer, creating sonic spaces and emotionally-driven tracks to enliven each game's world.

Born and raised near Philadelphia, PA, Tony graduated from Temple University with a degree in Music Composition. During his time in college, he had the blessing of meeting Maria - a young equestrian from Northern Michigan - via his blog dedicated to mental health awareness. Ever since mental health awareness was the spark for their marriage, he continually advocates those who suffer from mental illness. Through music, he expresses the inexpressible for those who don’t have a voice.

Notable works currently in progress are a new opera for OperaRox Productions, as well as the soundtrack to The Wayward Isles.

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